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The merger Rubicon?

4th May 2021

In 49BC, Caesar crossed the Rubicon River to enter Italy with an army. This forced Pompey, consuls and the Roman senate to leave Rome. The phrase ‘to cross the Rubicon’ is thereafter associated with passing a significant point from which all events moving forward take shape.

Internal2While last week was not quite as momentous an event in world history, it did see the merger of GEP and Athena approved by the Regional Schools Commissioner office and set us on course to be one organisation from September 2021. 

This is a significant step for our two organisations and one to be celebrated. The consultation conducted throughout April has been completed and, in evaluating our 30 or so responses, in the light of over 10 thousand potential requested, our merged trust board concluded that the coming together of the two organisations seemed sensible, logical, and hopefully will be conducted without too much fuss. 

We have been working together as a partnership of schools for many years. Long before academies were a political construct, or either trust formed, schools in our region have worked together. SCITT placements, teaching school operations, transition days and Guildford confederations (East & West) have seen partnerships for the good of local children and remain at the forefront of our work. This merger seeks to continue this strong endeavour.

So, our army is in the work of our Focus Group of Headteachers, Business Managers and Chairs of Governors; and it is in the work of our newly formed Shadow Board of Trustees (featuring board members from both trusts, who will go on to form the newly merged board). 

It is here that my Rubicon analogy does not work. It is in partnership, not force. It is in collaboration and with integrity that we make change. We all have a responsibility to build the Trust of Schools which serves all our needs, and which places children first. We have passed a significant milestone, but this is only a step along the way. Let us all play our part and build a future for our children which inspires, supports and excels.

Jack Mayhew, Executive Headteacher  Athena Schools Trust

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