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Calm sailing - from Kathryn Krynicki, Primary Leadership Support

1st March 2021

Welcome back after half term.  I am sure many of you were very grateful indeed for a few days' respite from the job.  From my conversations, I know how challenging it has been to carry our live lessons, teach in school, carry out parent consultations and fulfil the roles of not only educator, but doctor, social worker, cook, cleaner and carer all at the same time!  Hopefully, the end is now in sight. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, we now have a road map out of lockdown and hopefully a more ‘business as usual model’ in our schools.  

One of our first jobs will be to baseline our pupils, to find out how they are doing not only academically but more importantly with their mental well-being and resilience.  I am hopeful that this could be a pivotal point in education, where ministers reflect upon what our young people really need to make them resilient, well rounded humans, who can face the future with enthusiasm.  

It is a time for us in schools to consider not only the curriculum we offer but also our pastoral support to our pupils and the methods we will use to assess our EYFS children right through to our post 16 students. Then comes the hard work about how best to support each individual and prepare them for the next stage in their life.

Whatever the future brings us in the educational world, I believe, school leaders and staff are more prepared than ever to be open to change.  As we move forwards with our joint work, it is a time for us to show true partnership.  We can reap the rewards for our staff and pupils in our 'stronger together' model.  

Wishing you all a calmer sail through the unchartered waters of this half term!  Please remember that the school improvement team are here to help you navigate the seas. 

Kathryn Krynicki, Primary Leadership Support

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