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Thank you for everything

19th October 2020

The bulletin this week is unashamedly concentrating on one thing. Thanks. Often a short word, sometimes given as an afterthought and comes in many forms. Ta. Cheers. Appreciated. Nice one. This list goes on. The song might suggest sorry is the hardest word to say – but I think thank you might be the easiest to say – but sometimes the hardest to convey.

This week – all we want to say is thank you.

ThanksThis half term has been different. It has been challenging. For class teachers the demands and expectations placed upon you have been building and continuous. We all know that all these are for the right reasons. Reasons which ensure that our calling for making a difference through education can be carried out safely and consistently. A call which all of us value and accept wholeheartedly. Regardless of your view of risk assessments, national strategy, local implementation or school specific adoption – we have all stepped up to the plate without question. This is appreciated. This deserves our thanks.

Handwashing, playground zones, remote learning, blended learning, zoom meetings/briefings/training/governance/induction/parents’ evenings have all been undertaken in good spirit and an overwhelming desire to make the best of the times we are in. Thank you.

Public consciousness, expressed through media and political expression, has not acknowledged the role of those in the teaching profession and schools enough in my view. However, I do not speak to a parent or child who is not much more thankful and grateful for our efforts. Yes, I understand we have individual cases of concern but our Trust community perception is one of thanks and support for our endeavours.

So, when half term comes. And it will come, enjoy it. Rest safe in the knowledge that we are thankful. Thankful of you and all that you do.

Jack Mayhew, Executive Headteacher  Athena Schools Trust

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