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The Nurture Farm at Pirbright Village Primary School

12th October 2020

Pirbright uses its Nurture Farm to teach children


PVPS2Last week one of our academy schools, Pirbright Village Primary School, was visited by the local press Julie Armstrong of Get Surrey.  Here's a snippet from her piece and a link to the full article and video.

Snug and Snout are among the new starters at Pirbright Village School this academic year, where an unused corner of school land has been transformed.

Barbara, Jerry and Margo can also be found at the primary school’s very own piece of the good life in a project aimed at helping pupils who struggle with traditional learning.

Teachers, parents, grandparents and the kids themselves have all mucked in to transform a piece of land lying derelict in the corner of the school into a precious animal haven, known as the Nurture Farm.

Teacher Dan Smith, who came up with the idea, said: "Some of the children find traditional learning very challenging, they take to more context-based, practical learning and they love to be outside.

"For those with autism, we find spending time with the animals releases them from the expectations that adults have of them."

PVPS3Read more about the farm on the Pirbright Village Primary School website.  

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