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8th June 2020

Amid our primary schools wider re-opening last week and the detailed secondary preparations, the power of partnership has been at the forefront of AST activity this week and last. The phrase ‘team effort’ has never more seemed so appropriate.

TeamworkI would like to pay huge tribute to the ongoing efforts of all in our community to deliver high quality education against the backdrop of uncertainty and changing circumstances. Premises managers, headteachers, business managers, central team colleagues, teachers, pastoral leads, IT practitioners and everyone across our trust continues to place children and their learning as our guiding light. Exactly as it should be.

We continue to work to be ‘better together’. This last week has seen work begin on evaluating our ‘on-line’ education offer. Ever cognisant of our desire that these provisions will change, adapt and develop as our work matures. We strive to build upon our successes.

Partnerships are also strong in our Members meeting held last week. The detailed discussion of school efforts to provide the best, the analysis of our collective Covid response and the beginnings of shared discussions around our strategic aims for next year are all tangible signs of working together for the benefit of our students.

It is a privilege to get together with wider trust colleagues and begin the process of forming professional relationships. Our collective endeavours really do make a difference amidst these changing times. In truth, one thing we can be sure of is that further change is coming. We are aware that the provision in schools will be required to adapt and flex with our changing situations, both locally and on a national scale. It is here that powerful partnership will assist in supporting us collectively and sustaining our efforts.

Speaking to headteachers last week, the sense of purpose and clarity in providing the best for children is palpable. Headteachers sharing their pleasure at seeing children return to school in greater numbers is fantastic to see. We are all in this profession, or supporting our sector voluntarily, to see children thrive. It is through partnerships that we will make a powerful difference. Thank you for everything we are doing as a collective to provide for our students.

Jack Mayhew, Executive Headteacher  Athena Schools Trust

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