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Preparing for the unexpected in a world of ambiguity

11th May 2020

Shiftingsands2Writing this bulletin update in the aftermath of the Prime Minister’s recent address is complicated. Headteachers and governors are trying to get used to preparing staff and school communities in an uncertain world. We have learnt not to move too quickly in the changing landscape, as often the world moves too. In response to this, staying calm, clear headed and simple in our requests and guidance is the best policy. I am pleased that our headteachers are following this approach and following a ‘steady as she goes’ model throughout the uncertain times.

We continue to meet, share best practice and develop our schools. Headteacher meetings are highly useful, weekly affairs, which raise spirits and support pragmatic decision making. Clearly, our collaborative provision at Stoughton will need some review in the light of the government announcement yesterday. Athena Heads were already considering a review of collaborative provision, and the potential to revert to individual school provision after half term. We will progress with these considerations.

We are also seeking to support Chairs of governing bodies through our Clerks and Chairs meeting taking place on the 18th May. Although we meet virtually, I hope this is an opportunity to share ideas, deliver some training, and clarify Trust working. School planning and preparation for this term and next year continues, despite the lockdown. Training calendars, finance training, SEF reflections, SiP visits, and budget analysis are all progressing as usual – albeit against a backdrop of the unexpected.

Thank you for continuing to work hard for all our children’s interests. In these increasingly ambiguous times, the leadership of our schools keeps us on our true purpose. Support the children to grow and thrive, develop our staff and remain a beacon in our communities.

Jack Mayhew, Executive Headteacher  Athena Schools Trust

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