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Jack Mayhew, CEO of Athena Schools Trust to take on additional leadership role

5th May 2020

Jack MayhewThe Athena Schools Trust (AST) has today announced that Jack Mayhew will take up a leadership role as CEO of Guildford Education Partnership (GEP Academies), in addition to his existing role as CEO of AST.

The AST Board of Trustees are thrilled that Jack has been selected to take up this appointment as it provides unparalleled opportunity to continue to improve the provision of education for the children of Guildford and surrounding areas.

Jack joins GEP following a successful career in education working in schools and trusts across Surrey and London. As founding Executive Headteacher of Athena Schools Trust, involvement in a number of multi academy trusts, and with considerable headship experience forming outstanding schools, Jack is keen to bring his knowledge of school standards and collaborative Multi-Academy Trust leadership to the role at GEP.

Jack takes over from Chris Tweedale who has been offered an opportunity to work with a number of international organisations including the EU to implement improved education standards across a number of countries. Chris and Jack will work together during the summer term to ensure continuation of the good working practices in place across the GEP.

GEP Academies and AST have been working together on school improvement initiatives over recent months. Building on this strong working relationship, the Board of Trustees of both trusts have agreed that Jack Mayhew be appointed to this role, which will see him provide leadership across 12 Guildford schools, including Guildford County and George Abbot.

One of Jack’s primary objectives will be to identify ways in which education standards can be improved through even great collaboration.


Chair of the Board of Trustees for AST, Andi Scanlan said:

“The Board of Trustees has worked closely with the wider leadership team from across AST as we assessed this opportunity and believe that it is the right time for us to continue to build stronger working relationships with our close neighbour, GEP Academies.

Jack has our full support and we are excited by the prospect of being able to collaborate further, building on the success of our school improvement initiative and bring even greater educational opportunities to our children across AST and GEP.”


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